Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Petals

The Celebrity

Follow Your Bliss

Break Away

My mother received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my brother on Friday, in celebration of Mother's Day, of course.  Today, I noticed a few blue petals had fallen off some of the more delicate flowers in the bunch.  I left them around the vase, because they looked so pretty there.

I decided to take a few out-of-focus photos through my kitchen window to use as background images for future projects.  After accomplishing that, I put some of the blue petals on the window sill and took some very uninspiring shots of those.  

Staring out the window, I had a brilliant (brilliant for me, that is) idea!  I began to stick the petals to the window - and that's when I started to have fun.  The three images above are just a few of the results of my fun.

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