Friday, May 22, 2009

Drawing for free "Tea Time" Note Cards

I  have enjoyed - and benefitted from - many on-line offers lately, and have decided to jump on the "free stuff" bandwagon.  (We all know that these offers are shameless marketing ploys to drive more traffic to one's store or web site - but, it's a win-win ploy!)  

On Wednesday, May 27, (let's say around 1:00p.m. Central Time - give or take a half hour or so) I will draw one name to receive a set of 10 "Tea Time" note cards - absolutely free!  No strings attached!

Okay - there is one small string - but it's pretty painless.  Just go to my Etsy shop, peruse the items for sale, and come back to this blog and leave a comment.  In your comment, you can tell me which item in my shop is your favorite (or your least favorite - don't be shy).  I will then add your name to the drawing.  Simple!

On Wednesday, I will draw one name and notify the winner.  Go here now - and thank you for participating!  

[Note: Due to holiday weekend, I have changed the drawing time to Wednesday.]


  1. I came across your blog by accident and really enjoyed it. Your work is quite nice.
    I expecially liked Kenmare Victualler fine art giclee print. The colors were very appealing.

  2. Thank you, Laura! You are officially "entered!" : )


  3. "Slainte" and "Irisheer" are my favorites. Slainte reminds me of the man who lived next door to me when I was a girl. He was a great Irishman too.

    Irisheer reminds me of the countryside I saw when I traveled through county Cork many years ago.

    Great work!

    Carla Nelson

  4. Thank you, Carla! I'm glad my work summons happy memories for you!


  5. Hi Mary,
    Celtic Knots is my favorite. I also like Galway Reflection and Celtic Ray. Mom (Carla) used a Celtic Ray notecard for my Mother's Day card this year, and I loved it. I also love "My Kind of Town". I look at it every day since it's hanging in my bedroom!
    Barb (

  6. Hi Mary I love your Celtic Knots photo and I know exactly where that tree is! All your work is beautiful!

    Peg (pegoconnor45 at gmail dot com)

  7. Wow - thank you, Barb and Peg, for your very kind words!